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Defense Acquisition University is the largest corporate training university, specializing in defense acquisition courses. DAU’s current focus is incorporating game-based training. RETRO has been working with DAU on several projects to develop lightweight flash games for their courseware.To date, RETRO has developed three flash minigames games and tools for DAU including Select a Cell, Continuous Process Improvement, and 7 Tools to CPI.

Select a Cell

DAU and RETRO’s first development project began with a four-month long rapid, iterative-prototyping game development effort ending in Fall 2009. What resulted was Select a Cell, a logistics training minigame that taught players how today’s defense systems and equipment are conceived, developed, tested, acquired, and operated. Further, players were familiarized with the role the commercial sector plays in logistics. Players are able to test and select the best phone needed for an operation.

Play Select a Cell!
Note: Launches DAU’s external site.

Development Team

Lab Directors Drs. Clint Bowers & Jan Cannon-Bowers
Production Manger Rachel Joyce
Programmer Brian Stabile
Designer Lucas Blair
Artist Danielle Chelles

Continuous Process Improvement & 7 Tools to CPI

2010 Serious Games Showcalse & Challenge Finalist Two interactive products, Continuous Process Improvement and 7 Tools to CPI, were developed for students enrolled in Continuous Process Improvement and Logistics 101 at DAU. The purpose of these games was to show players the importance of implementing continuous process improvement (CPI) to improve an organization’s production methods. The games take place within a narrative in which an invading alien force can only be defeated by one type of weapon, the Alien Fossilizer. At the current production rate, however, not enough weapons will be produced to save Earth. Using proper CPI methods players will have to improve the process currently in place to increase production and save mankind. Continuous Process Improvement teaches players about the basic principles of CPI and illustrates how CPI techniques can affect different aspects of business. The 7 Tools to CPI game poses several problems related to the production process of the Alien Fossilizer. Using real data, players use fully-functional tools built into the game. We are happy to announce that Continuous Process Improvement was a 2010 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge finalist!

Play CPI! Play 7 Tools to CPI!
Note: Launches DAU’s external site.

Development Team

Lab Directors Drs. Clint Bowers & Jan Cannon-Bowers
CPI Production Manger Rachel Joyce
7 Tools Production Manger Danielle Chelles
7 Tools Assistant Mangers Lucas Blair, Katelyn Procci
Programmer Steve Nedley
Designer Lucas Blair
Artist Steve Nedley

DAU Courseware

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