Digital ECALC

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SURG Digital ECALC is an interactive, instructor-led presentation. It is a cost-effective group intervention for college students that operates within the media literacy framework. The purpose of this project is to expose myths about alcohol and educate students about expectancy effects and drinking in a continuing effort to decrease student drinking and make them more aware of the truth about alcohol and expectancies.

This presentation was developed for the Substance Use and Research Group at UCF. It integrates video and audio clips, Flash animations, minigames, and workbook activities to create an engaging, interactive content delivery system. It is currently being used at the University of Central Florida.

Development Team

Lab Directors Drs. Clint Bowers & Jan Cannon-Bowers
Subject Matter Expert SURG Lab
Production Managers Katelyn Procci
Programmer Gregory Pardo
Designers Katelyn Procci, SURG Lab
Artist Danielle Chelles
Voice Talent Coordinator Jenny Vogel
Voice Actors Dan Brown