RETRO’s Devil’s Advocate awarded bronze at 2011 Serious Play conference

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Katelyn Procci | August 29, 2011

In competition against international and large corporate software developers, UCF RETRO Lab landed a Bronze Medal for their student entry in the Government/Military category at the 2011 Serious Play Conference held earlier this month in Redmond, WA at the DigiPen Institute of Technology for their work on Devil’s Advocate. We are very proud, especially of our programmer Skyler’s excellent work. We would also like to recognize the entire Devil’s Advocate design and development team for their exceptional work on this game:

  • Programmer: Skyler Goodell
  • Artist: Danielle Chelles
  • Designer: Lucas Blair
  • Production Managers: Danielle Chelles, Lucas Blair
  • Instructional Systems Architect: Dr. Anya Andrews
  • Subject Matter Expert: Dr. Michael Kofler

Devil’s Advocate is a lightweight Flash-based minigame embedded within a larger, interactive learning simulation designed for teaching psychological health skills to military service members at various stages of the deployment cycle.  It is one minigame in a suite of seven developed for this project. Devil’s Advocate deals with anxiety and depression and provides players an opportunity to practice the cognitive restructuring of negative thoughts–a skill taught previously in the larger simulation–by moving undetected around a military base in order to identify soliders’ automatic negative thoughts. In this stealth game, players are able to review the different types of negative automatic thoughts (e.g., over-generalization, personalization and blame) and then actually label example automatic thoughts. Once they apply the correct label to the automatic thought, a new, positive automatic thought replaces it.

Devil's Advocate Gameplay

Devil’s Advocate was developed by the UCF RETRO Lab for the Novonics Corporation, which was funded by the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health to develop an interactive simulation to prepare military personnel for the myriad of psychological challenges they will face during the stages of deployment.

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