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To simulate or not to simulate?

Corina Lechin | March 23, 2012 Today’s games and simulations allow one to see, be, and experience anything programmers and graphic artists can create. Skyrim is a great example of a game that allows you have unique experiences.

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Evolvement of Training Methods: The Tablet Era

Asli Soyler Akbas | March 3, 2012 Rapidly advancing technologies introduce new challenges and requirements for individuals on a daily basis. Whether it is a new household tool or software, individuals feel the necessity to look for solutions that would help them learn, understand or advance in their area of interest, forcing a demand in […]

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Navigation and Gaming

Katelyn Procci | March 1, 2012 In late 2010, James Bohnsack and I were tasked with summarizing the literature on navigation skills for an informal lab presentation. We were interested in finding a way to improve the shipboard navigation skills of Navy recruits as a part of our game-based training project with BBN for ONR. […]

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