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Katelyn Procci | April 7, 2012

ASPIRE is our newest project. It is both a research and game development effort.

ASPIRE, which stands for Architecture for Stress, Performance, Inoculation, Resilience, and Endurance, is a project funded by the Office of Naval Research to promote the development of mental toughness in Marines.

Returning Marines are at a high-risk of developing major depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder1. The Marine Corps Vision & Strategy 2025 highlights the need to enhance warfighters’ psychological resilience. We plan to address this problem through an extensive review of the existing resilience literature and by conducting an in-depth training-needs analysis. This will guide the development of a game-based training intervention for Marines aimed at improving warfighters’ resilience skills and promoting psychological well-being.

We look forward to beginning this project and welcoming the newest member to our team, Julian Montaquila, an incoming Clinical doctoral student at UCF, who will be helping us with this effort, along with programmer Greg Pardo.

1. J-MHAT. (2011). Joint Mental Health Advisory Team 7 to Operation Enduring Freedom Report. USAMC, USCENTCOM, & USFOR-A.

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