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Selective Mutism App at FLAVRS 2013

Katelyn Procci | March 30, 2013 On Monday, March 18, 2013, the Selective Mutism app was shown at the Florida Academic Virtual Reality Showcase (FLAVRS) here in Orlando. This event was a part of the IEEE Virtual Reality 2013 conference, which had nearly two-dozen stations featuring VR-related work from a variety of Florida-based universities.

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Training the Workforce, Part 5: Feedback Motivation in Action

Jen Loglia | March 14, 2013 This is part 4 of an on-going series of blogs on using games for training the workforce. My boyfriend was sitting at the computer and called out to me “We should do this together.”  Naturally, I responded “Do what together?”  He replied, “Learn French.”  Nuh uh, nope, I did […]

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