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IllumiRoom and Presence

Michael Schwartz | April 14, 2013 There exists much speculation about when the next version of Microsoft’s gaming console, Xbox 720 (aka Durango), will release; however, the Washington based company has already released details about a next-generation immersive gaming system which extends gameplay beyond the television screen.

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The Case for Iterative Usability Testing

Michael Schwartz | January 25, 2013 Imagine you’re trying out a new recipe for a sauce. The tomatoes and onions have been chopped and added, the fresh basil and thyme mixed in, and the mixture simmers on the stove. You’re left with nothing to do for several hours except clean up and maybe work on […]

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Video Games and Incidental Learning

Michael Schwartz | October 19, 2012 I was shocked to hear a friend speaking Latin yesterday. He’d never expressed an interest in Latin before. Maybe he’s possessed. Before I summoned a young priest and an old priest, I asked if he was taking a class or had recently purchased a Rosetta Stone course. He said, […]

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