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Pre-Festival Summit: Federal Games Working Group

Jenny Vogel | July 5, 2012 Two weeks ago I got the opportunity to attend my first conference! It was the “Games for Change” 2012 conference in New York City. The first day was the pre-festival summit, which was an interesting experience, because it allowed all the people in attendance to gather together in a […]

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Games for Change 2012

Katelyn Procci | July 2, 2012 Two of us from RETRO, myself and Jenny Vogel, attended the 9th annual Games for Change last week held at NYU. It was a wonderful event, filled with really great speakers. Jenny also attended the pre-festival Federal Games Working Group earlier in the week, which she will be blogging […]

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Navigation and Gaming

Katelyn Procci | March 1, 2012 In late 2010, James Bohnsack and I were tasked with summarizing the literature on navigation skills for an informal lab presentation. We were interested in finding a way to improve the shipboard navigation skills of Navy recruits as a part of our game-based training project with BBN for ONR. […]

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