27 Jan 2012

Flash builder containers with SWF files…

Development Update, Greg Pardo 1 Comment

Greg Pardo | January 27, 2012

Here at RETRO Lab we like to get things done right the first time. This post is for any programmers out there who struggle with flash containers.

First let me begin by saying that as a developer, you don’t always know how the client will be using what you’ve made. Many times we have to make decisions about whether to take a quick-and-dirty approach or build a more dynamic application that can be altered easily in the future. In these situations it’s important to probe the client for as much information as possible. Read more

13 Jan 2012

New semester, new projects.

Development Update, Katelyn Procci, Research Update No Comments

Katelyn Procci | January 13, 2012

It’s been an extremely productive winter break. We finished up some of our development projects, finished a paper reporting on a study from our Game-Based Training research effort, edited a few other potential publications, and wrote a few grants. We’ve also been updating the website with information. Now we’re gearing up to start a whole bunch of new studies and projects. Read more

05 Jan 2012

Can opening cinematics enhance learning?

Article, Research Update, Shan Lakhmani 1 Comment

Shan Lakhmani | January 5, 2012

Like many others, I remember, years ago, watching the opening cinematic for Final Fantasy VII for the very first time and knowing that we had entered a brand new age. Since then, video games have been using more and more elaborate opening cinematics to entice people to play the game and to quickly establish a narrative. Read more

03 Dec 2011

Garden Defense wins Best Student Game at 2011 SGS&C!

Katelyn Procci, News 1 Comment

Katelyn Procci | December 3, 2011

It has been a busy, busy week. RETRO has been at I/ITSEC to show-off two of our minigames, Garden Defense and Devil’s Advocate, both of which were finalists in the 2011 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge. Read more

31 Oct 2011

Developing Serious Games

Article, Katelyn Procci 2 Comments

Katelyn Procci | October 31, 2011

You should always be proud of your work, no matter what you do. Serious games research labs, such as my own, provide a unique opportunity with respect to this. Aside from being able to create a piece of art (yes, I’m one of those games-as-art types) that people enjoy playing, you also have the added benefit of truly helping people.

Read more

29 Aug 2011

RETRO’s Devil’s Advocate awarded bronze at 2011 Serious Play conference

Katelyn Procci, News No Comments

Katelyn Procci | August 29, 2011

In competition against international and large corporate software developers, UCF RETRO Lab landed a Bronze Medal for their student entry in the Government/Military category at the 2011 Serious Play Conference held earlier this month in Redmond, WA at the DigiPen Institute of Technology for their work on Devil’s Advocate. We are very proud, especially of our programmer Skyler’s excellent work. Read more

25 Aug 2011

Modding Fallout 3’s Rivet City for Shipboard Navigation

Development Update, James Bohnsack, Research Update 1 Comment

James Bohnsack | August 25, 2011

As part of RETRO’s Game-Based Training research effort for the Office of Naval Research via Raytheon BBN Technologies, Fallout 3 a popular commercial off-the-shelf video game, was modified into a virtual environment used to test shipboard navigation skills. Read more